La Fermette

We are Annie-Claude and Justine, two market gardeners who practice a diversified, bio-intensive, and ecologically conscious form of agriculture. La Fermette was born as a collaborative project with two Montreal restaurants, Café Parvis and La Buvette Chez Simone, and it is centred around our shared passion for fresh vegetables, bold flavours, and culinary culture. We grow more than thirty kinds of vegetables, including a wide variety of tomatoes and greens, sold directly to restaurants, grocery stores, and at our farmers markets.


Bio-Intensive Agriculture

La Fermette is a small scale farm, and we practice a form of bio-intensive agriculture that lets us grow a lot of vegetables in a small space. We grow everything we sell on less than a hectare, and we do so in an ecologically conscious way. We’re able to achieve this bountiful harvest by adding plenty of organic matter and disturbing the soil as little as possible, practices which build up our soil fertility and make it easier to grow multiple successions of crops in the same limited space.


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